Rebecca Charles Collection

Rebecca Charles Collection

From the Designer

My friends have told me over the years that I needed to start designing again. My answer has always been that I was too overwhelmed with what I was going through at the time and that going into fashion design again would be the last thing I would consider.

Then, my life took a turn for the better after moving to Palm Beach County. During my healing process, I began getting involved in the community through various charities. I knew I had to be dressed appropriately and I had a hard time finding the type of gowns that I was looking for.

I knew exactly what I wanted in a gown, but it wasn’t out there and that’s when I knew it was time for me to start designing again.

I launched my first collection in the fall of 2018. My collection was modeled throughout the season on Worth Avenue, Palm Beach Island. This spring I perfected my Rebecca Charles Palm Beach signature Bow which ties my collection to the charity I chose to donate 10% of all proceeds of my collection. NAMI (PBC) End the Stigma! (History) Bows and knots are ancient symbols of strength, Unions, ties that bind, Loyalty and Beauty. So let’s show strength by uniting together to help put an end to the Stigma of Mental Illness.

My collection is not limited to the Rebecca Charles Palm Beach Bow. Let me help you design the gown or dress of your dreams. From beautiful brocades and Tulle all the way to fine diamond and pearl embedded fabrics custom designed for you.

For a private viewing of my collection, I can be contacted directly at 757.287.4463 or [email protected]

The Collection

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Rebecca Charles Collection
Rebecca Charles Collection
Rebecca Charles Collection

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